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The Low Voltage Cable Pulling Course works with associations to offer industry credits

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The Low Voltage Cable Pulling Course is separated into 4 subject areas: Low Voltage Cable Pre-Pulling, Low Voltage Horizontal Cable Pulling, Low Voltage Riser Cable Pulling and Low Voltage Work Area Cable Pulling. Each subject area is comprised of a video, workbook and exam that have been designed to work in conjunction to provide you with the highest retention of the materials. When studied as a complete set, the installer/technician will have obtained the training necessary to apply the materials as part of a successful low voltage cable pulling team.

Cable Pre-Pulling Workbook Video (46 minutes)
Horizontal Cable Pulling Workbook Video (52 minutes) Exam
Riser Cable Pulling Workbook Video (30 minutes) Exam
Work Area Cable Pulling Workbook Video (36 minutes) Exam

Numerous Benefits
This course provides you with the ability to train new hires quickly and efficiently in the cable pulling process. By decreasing installation time and correcting mistakes made by untrained personnel in the cable pulling phase, training your technicians will save your company thousands of dollars.

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