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The Low Voltage Cable Pulling Course works with associations to offer industry credits

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Low Voltage Cable Pulling Course

Concert Technologies and Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine bring you the industry's only in-depth video series with corresponding workbooks and exams to make a complete course on the fundamentals of pulling high-performance copper and fiber cables within commercial and government buildings.

The Low Voltage Cable Pulling Course is an incredible offer and value for companies, installers and trainers in the low voltage cabling field.


What you can expect to learn from the Low Voltage Cable Pulling Course:
The Low Voltage Cable Pulling Course is separated into four subject areas: Low Voltage Cable Pre-Pulling, Low Voltage Horizontal Cable Pulling, Low Voltage Riser Cable Pulling and Low Voltage Work Area Cable Pulling.
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This four-part video series and workbooks will take you through every aspect of pulling low voltage cables in a commercial building. Whether you are pulling copper or fiber cables, you will be taught principles and techniques that greatly increase the efficiency of the installation process and have the opportunity to take exams to test your understanding.

For the first time, terms such as: "slack," "pull-back," "coil and throw" plus many more will be explained. The cable-pulling team will all be on the same wavelength, each member of the team communicating in the language that professional low voltage cabling installers understand.

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